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40 MPH


400 LBS

Grunt EVO

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The EVO is a refined version of our original Grunt, featuring intentional updates for style, comfort, and ergonomics. These enhancements result in a smoother, quieter, and lighter motorcycle experience.

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Color: Desert Dune
Battery: Standard
Color: Desert Dune
Battery: Standard

Product information

Features that Work for You 


Hear that? Didn’t think so. The new Grunt EVO is completely chain-free, giving you a silent ride. Enjoy your ride without disturbing your neighbors or nature. Ride anywhere with the Grunt.


Your go-to ride should be both fun and comfortable. The new Grunt EVO’s fat tires and scalloped seating offer a more comfortable ride. Get on and off your bike, with ease.

Low Maintenance 

How often will you have to change the oil? NEVER. Going full electric means no oil changes. Just a little power and you’ll be on your next adventure. 

Ride Modes

The Grunt EVO’s display pad makes it easy to toggle between drive modes. Controls include Stroll for light cruising, Sport for torque and speed, or Explore for something in the middle. You can even throw it in reverse!

Long Range

Go the distance and stay powered up. The new Grunt EVO is built in with a spare battery storage space. With both batteries charged you can drive 60 miles.  

Motor: 7.7 kW
Battery: 2.1 kWh
Charger: Level 1 Charging
Drive Modes: Stroll, Explore, Sport and Reverse
Final Drive: Gates Carbon Belt Drive System
Front Suspension: 43 mm inverted fork
Rear Suspension: Monoshock with spring preload adjustability
Seat Height: 32 in.


Detailed view of the Volcon Grunt EVO


What maintenance is needed on the EVO?

Very little to no maintenance is needed on the EVO. Keeping the battery charged as well as cleaning and checking belt tension are the most common things that need to be maintained.

How long does the EVO take to charge?

2-4 hours depending on the battery’s state of charge.

Do I need to make any electrical outlet changes at my residence in order to charge the EVO battery?

No, a standard household electric outlet is sufficient.

How far can I ride my EVO on a single charge?

60 miles in Explorer mode with two 2.1 kWh batteries