$74,900 Starting MSRP

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Stag Reservation

$74,900 Starting MSRP

+ $1200 Destination Fee

* Additional dealer fees may apply 

The Stag Limited Edition features automotive-grade components from our ingredient brand partners, plus additional upgraded options. There is nothing else in the off-road market like it. Available in Midnight Black and starting at $$74,900.



Battery: HP 42kWh
AWD/RWD: 2WD with selectable 4WD
Tires BFGoodrich® Tires
Wheels: Raceline® Wheels
Wheelbase: 121"
Weight: 3000 lbs
Width: 64"
Track Width: 54"
Length: 155"
Height: 78"
Horsepower: 140
Top Speed: 80 MPH
Shocks: Elka 2.5
Color: Midnight Black
Bumpers: Front / Rear Factory

OnStar: Yes**
Center Screen: 8" Garmin

**OnStar may not be available in your geographic location.

Volcon Stag

The Volcon Stag is redefining the off-road experience. Built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, the Stag is purpose-built with today's leading technologies.

Volcon ePowersports only builds cutting-edge, off-road vehicles in a class of their own. Utilizing the latest EV technology, the Stag offers the same thrilling performance of a standard UTV without the noise (or pollution), allowing you to explore the outdoors with all your senses.

The Stag empowers the driver to explore the outdoors in a new and unique way that gas-powered UTVs cannot offer and utilizes key GM® propulsion components proven and tested for automotive applications.

The Stag is fully designed and developed by Volcon staff in Round Rock, Texas.


Class-leading Power and Torque

The Volcon Stag offers exhilarating performance and an unmatched driving experience. The electric motor provides a flat torque curve delivering instant power the moment you press the pedal, resulting in unparalleled acceleration, speed recovery and control on any terrain

Driving Modes and 4WD

Selectable driving modes optimize performance or range according to the driver’s needs. ECO mode maximizes range with smooth power delivery, while Sport mode provides a more aggressive throttle response for better acceleration. Tow mode restricts the vehicle’s maximum speed and builds the torque progressively to assist in hauling heavy loads.

The 4WD system**, activated on demand, enhances the Stag’s off-road capability over any terrain. It automatically engages the front wheels whenever the rear wheels lose traction and manages the power distribution between wheels assuring better stability when cornering.

**Select trims



Connected Experience


Volcon is here to redefine the off-road experience, inside and out. The Stag’s driver-centric cockpit is developed with two innovative displays that deliver unparalleled Human Machine Integration (HMI) providing full control and visibility for the driver. Additionally, seat ergonomics and a tilt-adjustable steering wheel allow for an ideal driving position.


Rider and passenger devices can always stay connected* and charged with multiple USB ports within the dash-mounted charging station. The main dashboard displays essential info such as speed, battery charge, driving mode, brake regeneration and energy consumption. The central display is equipped with camera view, route planner, off-road gauges, connectivity*, and providing full info for both rider and passenger.


The central display is equipped with info about the vehicle’s status, providing a full array of information for both driver and passenger.


Handling & Stability



General Motors Components

The Stag is powered by GM® electric propulsion components including its advanced high voltage power distribution module, motor inverter, on-board charging module, DC to DC converter, EV control module, battery high voltage connector, HV Modules Coolant Pump, Battery Coolant Pump, HV Modules Coolant Reservoir, and battery cooling reservoir.

Volcon is the first, and currently only off-road powersports company to offer their full line of vehicles with GM® electric propulsion components. The Stag will deliver a unique driving experience, combining performance and excitement that only an EV can provide. With innovative connectivity and flexible utility, the Stag is the perfect vehicle for adventure and work.

Cost of Ownership

Cost of ownership beats current gas powered UTVs in the market. The closed motor system means no oil changes, no filter changes, and no belt changes. Brakes will also last longer as a result of the regenerative braking system taking some of the pressure off of the braking system and turning that into power for the vehicle.


What is a Volcon Stag reservation?

By making a reservation for a Volcon Stag, you will secure the purchase of a Stag when they are available in dealerships. Once your reservation is confirmed, a dealer will contact you to finalize your order and review your options for color, accessories and estimated arrival at your dealership.

Who can I talk to with Questions about my Volcon Stag reservation?

We encourage you to stay in touch with your local dealer and as always, you can also contact Volcon directly at sales@volcon.com.

Will my car EV charge cord work with my Stag?

Yes, most modern EV vehicles in the United States come with a built in J-1772 style plug. The Volcon Stag can be charged from automotive EV charge stations with that style plug.

How do I make a Volcon Stag reservation?

To make a reservation for a Stag, please click on the Pre-order button from the Stag page and then proceed to checkout where you will complete your reservation fee. A sales representative from Volcon will then contact you directly to help you select your preferred/closest dealer.